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Opening Reception,
Thu. Mar 11, 7 – 11

Gallery Night Reception, Sat. Mar 13, 7 – 10

SammerAhol Sniffs Glue,Untittled,
ink on paper, 2010
Ahol Sniffs Glue "7.625 Fl Oz"
If you live in Dade County, you’ve seen the tags everywhere: a blocked stencil, a starred sticker, a dashed black marker or a swift spray of paint. AHOL. SNIFFS. GLUE. But signing his nom de guerre to the city he loves is only a part of what this Miami born and bred visualist does in the wild world. The rest, as they say, is suitable for framingBut there’s no frame in all of art land that can contain the vivid multitudes of the man known as Ahol Sniffs Glue. Hell, not even whole walls can contain what’s inside this cat.

171 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127
WEBTue – Fri : 11 - 6
Sat: 12 - 5
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Opening Reception
Sat. Mar 13, 7-10

SammerLeft: Alette Simmons-Jimenez, detail Greed & Opulence, m/m construction Right: Sibel Kocabasi, Your Neighbor, oil on wood

Until April 5
A Terrible Beauty
Sibel Kocabasi & Alette Simmons-JimenezAnd Artformz Outzide Hosts a special guest performance by:The Oscar Fuentes Combo

The two-person show features the work of artists Alette Simmons-Jimenez and Sibel Kocabasi. Often working on parallel themes and approaching ideas from a common viewpoint, the artists present new works with an uncommon synergy in video, painting and construction. Inspired by the vocabulary of contemporary culture, the works address the identity of humanity often using animals as metaphors.

Kocabasi, originally from Istanbul, received an MFA from Florida Atlantic University. She has been exhibiting her work nationally and internationally, and curated the acclaimed show “Undertow” featuring 29 South Florida artists in Istanbul. She currently teaches at Palm Beach Community College.

Alette Simmons-Jimenez, born in Wisconsin, received a BFA from Newcomb College in New Orleans. She has been awarded numerous grants and fellowships for her projects in multiple media. Her works, held in several museum collections, has been exhibited internationally. Currently she curates and directs the Artformz collective group.


123 NW . 23 St
Miami, Fl 33127
305 573 8144
WEBGallery Hours:
Tue. - Fri 11 - 3, by appt.

Opening Reception
Sat. Mar 13, 7 - 9

KabeFrancesca Pizzo, Girotondobianco, Color pencil on paper, 2009

On view from March 13
Luca Pozzi. Francesca Pizzo.
Studio ++ Italian Classic
Through installation, sculpture, drawings and video, this young Italian artists invites viewers to explore different interpretations of the contemporary world, where image, gesture, and memory is suspended in time. It is a collaboration with Galleria 42 Modena, Italy.The works presented by Studio ++ (Fabio Ciavarella, B.1982; Umberto Daina, B.1979; Vincenzo Fiore, B.1981) concentrate on expression and experimentation, using new technologies to deal with themes pertaining to contemporary man.

Luca Pozzi (B.1983) bases his work on the relationship between the pictorial and physical dimension.

Francesca Pizzo (B.1981) presents a series of work mixing general and specific memory, religion and art. Pizzo shows a series of drawings Girotondobianco (2008), mixing general and specific memory, religion and art. In Erasing Amyloo (2010), Pizzo works on a series of poems written by men for women

28th Street

540 NW 28th St
Miami, Fl 33127
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f: 305.438.9799
Private Showings by appt.
Gallery Night Reception Saturday March, 13, 7-10
Purvis YungBlake Fisher, Color Pigment Print on Archival Cotton Rag, 42 x 57 in.
Patricia Schnall-Gutierrez. Paintings
Bruce McQuiston. Sculptures
Blake Fisher. Silver Gelatin Prints

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez.
Raw. Curated by Luky Cancio
The driving force behind her work stems from childhood memories and recollections of experiences as a young girl growing up where religion and life’s delicate teeter-totter with life and death existed.Bruce McQuiston
His work combines organic forms with figurative reference and a contemporary flow. The pieces are constructed from hurricane salvaged lumber from the South Florida region. His recent Bronze and Aluminum castings utilize the wood pieces as the source for the mold making

Blake Fisher.
Fisher was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He started as a commercial photographer yet maintained a love of fine art photography, principally nudes. His work is printed on silver gelatin paper and in limited editions, focusing on the female form as one of the most timeless subjects in photography.

2nd. Avenue

2630 NW 2nd. avenue
Miami, Fl 33127
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Gallery hours:
Tues - Fri 11- 6
Sat 12 - 5Gallery Night Reception
Saturday March 13, 6 - 10
Alejandra von Hartz
Magdalena Atria, Monstrous Moonshine , 2010, Plasticine, 78 ¾ x 236 in. aprox.

Until April 3rd.
Magdalena Atria. Monstrous Moonshine
Magdalena Atria’s first solo exhibition in Miami presents us with a well-balanced display of her most recent works. Living and working in Santiago de Chile, Atria has developed a significant local and international career, with multiple solo exhibitions and participation in important international exhibitions at venues such as The Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA (Los Angeles), The Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art (Austin), Bienal de Mercosul (Porto Alegre, Brasil), among others.Atria’s work connects with the modernist tradition of geometric abstraction, but with the express intent to relate it to specific visual situations encountered in the world. Abstraction within the modernist tradition searched for the absolute, for a disembodied realm of pure relations and correspondences, while Atria’s interest focuses not on the possibility of approaching pure relations but rather on its impossibility.

The main piece, which gives its name to the show, is a large scale painting made with plasticine (non-hardening modeling clay) directly attached to the wall of the gallery. Plasticine, a kind of modeling clay commonly used by children at a very young age for making small figures or similar crafts, is a material Atria has been working with for some time now, creating paintings with intricate surfaces composed of highly detailed and precise abstract images.


2620 NW 2nd. Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
786 486 7248

Tues - Fri, 1- 5 and by appt.Opening Reception and Book Presentation,
Saturday March 13, 6 - 10
Mario Algaze, El Beso

Until April 24
Mario Algaze. Recent Dreams
Recent Dreams by Mario Algaze, are black and white panoramic landscapes of Latin America. These photographs, primarily of Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia were taken with a hand-made Linhof camera and are selenium toned silver gelatin prints.Now, at the height of his career, Algaze's 152-page monograph titled Portfolio will be presented at the opening of this exhibition. After 40 years as a self taught photographer and having been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, Algaze is pleased to be showing these landscapes in Miami where they have never been shown before. Algaze was born in Cuba, but has called Miami home since 1960; his photographs of Latin America are a way for him to reconcile his exile from his native homeland. His images of Spanish speaking places evoke emotion and mystery through his use of light. The streets, bars, café’s and cathedrals are dreamlike and nostalgic, yet documentary in their depiction of daily life.

2509 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami Fl. 33127
786 357 0568
WEBMon - Fri 11 - 6

Inaugural Reception
Saturday March 13, 6 - 10

Rosario Bond, Beautiful Trash I (Eve), 2009, Mixed Media

Until April 17
Rosario Bond. Beautiful Trash. EnsemblesAlicia Meza. Tarciers. Sculptures and Installations Curated by Milagros Bello
Curator’s Voice Art Projects lead by Miami based curator Milagros Bello will open his doors for curatorial projects in Cutting Edge and Contemporary Art in a brand new space located in the heart of Wynwood Arts District.Rosario Bond, a Miami artist, presents a group of dislocated ensembles of discarded materials as an urban landscape, made out of plastics, women apparels, artificial animals and plants, as a recall on our environmental crisis.

Alicia Meza, from Washington D.C., proposes Tarciers, a group of resin miniature-animals installation that not only points out the critical extinction of the animal but also conceptualizes on toy art.

CVAP is committed to foster the Contemporary arts and to present curatorial projects on new art of emergent voices and on well known artists of the International and national scene. CVAP invites other curators to submit projects based on quality and artistic strength.


2450 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, 33127
305 573 2400 

Gallery hours:
Mon-Friday 9:30- 5:30
Saturday 12-5:30Opening Reception Saturday March 13, 6 - 10
Carolina Sardi,Constellation, 2010, Steel, 71 x 60x 2 in.

Until April 17
Main Gallery: Carolina Sardi & Ted LarsenProject Room: The Merger
Artists Carolina Sardi and Ted Larsen base their visual idiom on minimalist beliefs. Their works engage in a discourse that transcends aesthetic elements and explores the fundamental nature of their worlds.Carolina Sardi’s installations are poetic equations. Her latest series delicately trace celestial paths. Her new works are made of single pieces rather than individually installed shapes; they possess the speed, and sleek mobility of shooting stars.

Ted Larsen began working with salvaged metal in 2000. His latest series explores the importance of the individual as a component of the “whole”. Larsen’s sculptures transcend aesthetic beauty, allowing each viewer to assign them a place in their world.

The Merger, a collaborative venture by Cuban artists Mario Miguel Gonzalez, Niels Moleiro Luis, and Alain Pino recreate ubiquitous and mundane objects on a grand scale, presenting palatable socio-political metaphors.

PanAmerican ArtProjects will participate at arteamericas, the Latin American Art Fair, Booths # 800- 808
(March 26 – 19 Miami Beach Convention Center)


2441 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
786 693 8155
305 573 1333
Gallery Hours:
Wed to Sat 12- 5 or by appointmentGallery Night Reception
Saturday March 13, 6 - 10
LylieJorge Pineda, Afro Charlie, Installations

Refreshing Recollection
Marcos López, Jorge Pineda, Gerard Ellis, José Bedia, Garcia Cordero, Eleomar Puente, Victor Payares, Raul Recio, Juan Erlich, Segundo Planes, Victor Rodríguez and Luciano Goizueta.Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery will participate at arteamericas, the Latin American Art Fair, (March 26 – 19 Miami Beach Convention Center) with artworks by Edouard Duval Carrie, Gustavo Acosta, Marcos Lopez, Jorge Pineda, Eleomar Puente, Gerard Ellis, Victor Payares, Melissa Mejia, José Bedia, Luciano Goizueta and Garcia Cordero.

Chelsea Gallería
2441 NW 2nd. Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 2950
Gallery Hours:
Tue – Fri, 10 – 5; Sat 12 – 5Gallery Night Reception
Saturday March 13, 7 - 10
chelseaDaniel Kedar, Three Boys, Lambda Print, 40 x 60 in. .

Moments of Change
Daniel Kedar. Christian Ureta. Kelly Flynn

2315 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami , FL 33127
P:305 724 6021 

Open Second Saturdays
& by appt.

Meet the Artist in his working studio
Saturday March.13., 7 - 9

A. Dale Nally, Float # 29, Oil on Canvas, 36 x 72

A. Dale Nally. Ongoing Work
Nally is a nationally recognized artist living and working in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District of Miami. For the past 10 years he has been developing a unique and definitive way of expressing his art through his creative use of material, a sense of respect for art history, and the many artist that have paved the way before him.Dale paints quiet, contemplative works which are a result of a deep rooted connection to the earth and the world around him. Each painting is an attempt to discover a sense of quiet, to create the ability to reflect and connect not only to our own world, but the deeper meaning that lies within.

2294 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
305 989 3359
Only by appt.Opening Reception Saturday March 13, 7 - 11
HaroldScott Scheidly, Idiosincratic

Until April 2
Scott Scheidly. Paintings
“Ohio Born. At age four I attempted my first art project by devouring a 10 pack of crayons thus turning my diaper into a Jackson Pollack. At age six I was introduced to the sweet nectar of school paste. At around this same time period I began producing turkey drawings by tracing my hand. At age seven I lost my thumb in an unfortunate Big Wheel accident ending my successful "Hand Turkey Period". At age ten I ate more paste, however at age eleven I switched to water based paints & modeling clay.Between age twelve to sixteen I was in a daze from the paints I had eaten which I found out to be oil based. I did not produce much art during this time which we will call the "Your Sons Not Quit Right Period". At age seventeen I had kicked my habits and refined my skills and began to earn money with art for the first time by doing fellow students art projects for lunch money.

At age twenty I apparently graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and moved to Florida unbeknownst to me. I still live in Florida where I enjoy floundering about and painting pretty pictures, and I still eat paste now and again just to remind myself of my roots and how I ended up like this. Some day I hope not to be famous.” SS


ArtSeen Gallery
New World School of the Arts 2215 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
305 237 3620
WEBOpening Reception Saturday March 13, 7 - 10
KabeAudrey Gair, Vanity, mixed medium

Rising Stars Visual Arts Exhibition
Curated by Maggie CuestaRising Stars, a professionally staged, energy-packed, one-of-a-kind performance, showcases the extraordinary talent of high school and college students from New World School of the Arts, Florida’s premier arts institution.

The showcase begins at the NWSA Artseen Gallery with a juried visual arts exhibition featuring extraordinary student artworks. Curated by NWSA Dean of Visual Arts, Maggy Cuesta, the show is as diverse as the school population and includes painting, drawing, design, sculpture, digital media and installations.

Then, the Rising Stars showcase will be presented at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, in downtown Miami, for the first time in its 20-year history. This exhilarating show offers an array of captivating excerpts of works performed during the school year by the dance, music, and theater divisions. Rising Stars Exhibition at Artseen is free and open to the public.

For tickets to the Rising Stars Showcase, please visit or call 305-237-3852.


2145 NW 2nd. Ave.
Miami, Fl 33127
304 774 7740
WEBOpen day & night 24/7
DurbanJesus Soto, Penetrable BBL Blue, 365 x 400 x 1400 cm., 1999, Edition 2/8

Jesus Soto
Penetrable BBL Blue, 1999Enjoy this spectacular Soto at Durban Segnini new open space in Wynwood. Soto was a Venezuelan artist (1923 – 2005). He was a sculptor and painter and is most famous for his op art and kinetic art works. Soto is particularly well known for his penetrables, interactive sculptures which consist of square arrays of thin, dangling tubes through which observers can walk. It has been said of Soto's art that it is inseparable from the viewer; it can only stand completed in the illusion perceived by the mind as a result of observing the piece.

Durban-Segnini Gallery was founded in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1970 and in Miami, USA in 1992, by its present director and owner Mr. Cesar Segnini.

Durban-Segnini Gallery specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture, emphasizing in artists who have worked with abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction and kinetic art.Simultaneously, the Gallery strives to promote and diffuse new artistic values as well as the historical vanguards that have influenced those.


North Miami Avenue

2417 N. Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 9878EMAIL
Gallery hours:
Mon – Fri 9 – 5
Sat by appt. only
Thursday Art Lounge Series.
Led by art historian Armando Droulers
Presented by Ideobox and Miami Biennale
7:30 to 9:30 pmThursday March 11: Belle Epoque Art / Parisian Nights;
Thursday March 18: William Kentridge / I am not me, the horse is not mine;
Thursday March 25: Marlene Dumas / Measuring Your Own Grave,
and Thursday April 1st Trials and Tribulations / Passion, Deviation, and Scandal.

Cost at the door $35.00 per lecture.



2043 N Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 1804
Gallery hours:
Tues– Fri 10- 5
Sat 10 - 3Opening Reception
Sat., March 13, 7:30 - 10

Diana Lowenstein
Ivelisse Jimenez, Blind Enough to See, 2010, Mixed media, detail

Until April 6
Ivelisse Jimenez. Blind Enough to See
Painting becomes a point of departure to construct pieces dealing with simultaneity and contradiction. The manner in which objects, images and materials are articulated questions hierarchies of what is most present. Structures are made of diverse elements partially covered by a veil that prevents frontal access. Images constantly shift between integration and disintegration.
Daniel Gonzalez. Pimp Art History
A maquillage of concepts takes shape through historic practices of handicraft.
Sewn sequins and images enriched with style by adding rhinestones and bijoux, are glam representations of intense moments and desires where classic and contemporary live together in groomed, adorned and embellished artwork.
THE SHOW MUST GO ONAndriy Halashyn – Rich and Famous
Project Room
Fifteen minutes of fame that we could have had are not coming. Life’s red carpet is not as radiant as on TV.