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Sat 12 - 5Opening Reception Saturday,
September 11, 7-10
Alejandra von Hartz
Matthew Deleget, Shuffle
(for Jose "Cheo"Feliciano),
2010,crylic, metallic and fluorescent acrylic on mdf,
18 x 18 in.
Color Climate: Matthew Deleget / David E. PetersonThe two-person exhibition will feature new abstract painting installations by Brooklyn artist Matthew Deleget and Atlanta artist David E. Peterson.

Matthew Deleget is a conceptual, reductive painter who will present an installation of new Shuffle paintings. Informed by the “shuffle” feature on his iPod, each painting consists of a checkered grid of four colors completely selected at random, producing visual results that vary widely.These series of paintings are directly inspired by the legendary salsa ensemble Fania All-Stars.  Each will pay homage to a specific musician in the group, including Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz and Ray Barretto, among others.

David E. Peterson makes rule-based paintings that are informed by high-end industrial design goods, including laptop computers, athletic shoes, men’s fashion, and Modern architecture. (More) The three new suites paintings present his investigation into the formal qualities and associated consumer aspirations of three specific lines of designer goods, including Nixon’s Newton watch collection, Asics’ Onitsuka Tiger line of sneakers, and wallets designed by Paul Smith.


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Tues - Fri, 1- 5 and by appt.Opening Reception Saturday
September 11, 7 – 10
Kanako Sasaki, Ambassador, from the Series Wanderlust

Until October 30
Kanako Sasaki. Wanderlust“. . .So we should cast off all gloomy thoughts about our earthy lot and enjoy the pleasures of snow, moon, flowers and autumn leaves and drinking wine; living our lives like a gourd bobbing buoyantly downstream. This is the floating world.”  From the novels of c. 1665, Ukiyo Monogatari, Tales of the Floating World.

In her series Wanderlust, Kanako Sasaki (Japan, 1976) explores her own imaginative world influenced by traditional Japanese novels, Ukiyo-e paintings and childhood memories. In this inspired state, distracted from reality but informed by recollection, she composes her own floating world. Within her surreal and eccentric settings, Sasaki’s characters, usually herself, evoke ideas of isolation, escape and uninhibited freedom.The juxtaposition of bleak emotion within a fantastical landscape leaves the viewer mesmerized with wonderment.  Sasaki’s work also comments on issues such as the female experience, loss of innocence, hopeless romance and how Japanese culture is viewed from the outside.


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Mon -Fri 11 - 6 Sat. & Sun. by appointmentGrand Opening Reception Saturday
September 11. 7 – 10
panamericanCabeza, La Piscine, Media Acrylic on Canvas, 2007,
2.20 x 1.50 mts.
Courtesy of Ricar2 Photography

Carlos Cabeza. Rhythmic Paintings
Wynwood’s newest gallery boasts rotating exhibitions of world-renowned Latin American modern and contemporary artists .The opening solo exhibition, entitled Rhythmic Paintings, shows the dramatic work of Paris-based, Venezuelan contemporary artist Carlos Cabeza, Rhythmic Paintings is a series of works created by using a stream-of-conscious modality where Cabeza creates movement through curved, ebbless sequential patterns. The feminine form is prominent, as are vividly colored eyes that peer out through the thoughtful maze of strokes. The collection includes 15 works comprised of paintings, découpages and objects.

Owner and gallerist Oscar Ascanio, will host a celebratory opening and artist reception during the District’s Second Saturday Gallery Walk on September 11, at 7 p.m.



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Saturday 12-5:30Gallery Walk Reception Saturday
September 11, 6 - 11
panamericanThe Deceptive Eye

Until September 25
The Deceptive Eye. Video & Photography
Marcos Lopez, Peter Mackie, Patricia Gil, Barbara Barreiro, Richard Garet, Erwin Georgi, Fabiana Cruz, Marco Montiel Soto, Sabrina Montiel Soto, Belaxis Buil, Leonor Mendoza, Aisen Chacin, Andres Michelena, Nestor Arenas, Mariano Costa Peuser, Daniel Azoulay, Juan Pablo Cheret, Gabriela Morawetz, among others.Curator Milagros Bello gathers more than 30 artists in the show The Deceptive Eye Video & Photography. The show is a sort of new media festival on video art and digital photography, performance and installation art. The Deceptive Eye orients towards critical issues and ideological statements. Emergent voices coexist with established artists creating a sharp dialogue in between generations. A Posthumous Homage to Sara Modiano.
They project a critical regard towards a world in its most crucial stages. Sex, illnesses, aging, death, addiction, poverty, social class, identity, and gender, form the conceptual base for these decisive languages. Cynical aesthetic notions dominate in the show creating a new vortex of criticism and revolt. Sharp multivocal and polytonal voices of discomfort and opposition set force, shifting perspectives on the subjectivity and the ego; redesigning and subverting the frames of conventional relationships to culture. They do not interpret but rather shape and fashion a new comprehension of the world. As Susan Sontag once said on photography: "Photography today does not 'record' but critically 'intervenes' reality."



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Saturday 12-5:30Artists will be present at the Opening Reception Saturday
September 11, 6 – 9
panamericanCarlos Estevez, Diluvios Intimos, 2010,
Oil and pencil on canvas,
68 x 144 in. Photo Credit: Rogelio Lopez (Gory)

Carlos Estévez. Oblivion.
Carlos González. New Work. Project Room
Estévez continues to reflect on and reference Philosophy, Christian art, Baroque sculpture, sacred texts and poetry, and hybrid images of animal and human bodies. Nevertheless, the artist particularly focuses on the evolution of the everyday experience of life, and how the paths that have led us to where we are, are often paved by massacre and devastation. Carlos’ images breathe consciousness back into the psyche, making the viewer realize the history of disparaging traditions that run deep within the soul, self, and mind.Carlos González’s latest series continues to draw inspiration from nature. His pieces are advanced plant-like mechanism that morph into exploding pods. Like floating Dandelions, his sculptures give the sensation of ease and weightlessness, juxtaposing their strong metallic appearance. Gonzalez’s oeuvre reflects on the evolutionary processes of survival, highlighting the ingenuity of life on Earth.



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Open Second Saturdays
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Meet the Artist in his working studio Saturday September 11, 7 - 9

daleDale Nally, Untitled # 49,
Oil on Canvas,
14" h x 60" w x 4" d

A. Dale Nally. Ongoing Work
Nally is a nationally recognized artist living and working in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District of Miami. For the past 10 years he has been developing a unique and definitive way of expressing his art through his creative use of material, a sense of respect for art history, and the many artist that have paved the way before him.Dale paints quiet, contemplative works which are a result of a deep rooted connection to the earth and the world around him. Each painting is an attempt to discover a sense of quiet, to create the ability to reflect and connect not only to our own world, but the deeper meaning that lies within.

2294 NW 2nd Ave.
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Only by appt.Opening Reception Saturday
September 11, 7 – 11
HaroldSarmiento, Love is a Dog from Hell

Eduardo Sarmiento. Desire and Possibility.Paintings & Drawings.“My work is an evolving self-portrait, a song to personal tensions and obsessions. I grew up in a rural environment surrounded by animals. I attended school in Cienfuegos, Cuba with a concentration in sports. As I awakened to adolescence, all kinds of juggling and experimentation took place, including the sexual. My life changed profoundly as I discovered the feminine, the other, the great power it exerted over me.” ES (more)

“I paint obsessively, restlessly, feverishly, triggered by the torture of the creative impulse and the certainty that erotic stimulus generates multiple and varying reactions to be explored. I continue to search for concrete answers, I can only attest that every experience is a hallucinating battle.” ES.


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Every 2nd. Sat 6 – 10 & By appt.Opening Reception Saturday
September 11, 6 – 10
HaroldJeff Phegley, Descent, 2010, linocut, 7x10 in.

Until October 1
PrintZero Studios Exchange. Selections
Prints feature the work of artists from Scotland, Canada, France, England, and the U.S.The University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Gallery along with PrintZero Studios present an international exhibition of printmaking culled from the PrintZero Studios 7th Exchange .

The exhibition includes work by Michael Alm, Miguel Aragon, Charles Baird, John Bergmeier, Michelle Brownridge, Eric Bushaw, Nola Dahl, Joshua Distler, Lisa Hasegawa, Elizabeth Jabar, Norman McBeath, Joshua McGarvey, Jonathan Metzger, Johanna Mueller, George Nelson, Elvia Perrin, Jeff Phegley, Richard Repasky, Charissa Schulze, Erin Smith, Susan T. Smith, Joseph Trupia, Robert Truszkowski, Lee Turner, Audrey Van Kirk, Michael Voors, Vilma, Linda Whitney, Connie Wolfe, and Jennifer Yarros. A catalog will be published in conjunction with the exhibition.


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WEBOpen day & night 24/7
DurbanJesus Soto, Penetrable BBL Blue, 365 x 400 x 1400 cm., 1999, Edition 2/8

Jesus Soto
Penetrable BBL Blue, 1999Enjoy this spectacular Soto at Durban Segnini new open space in Wynwood. Soto was a Venezuelan artist (1923 – 2005). He was a sculptor and painter and is most famous for his op art and kinetic art works. Soto is particularly well known for his penetrables, interactive sculptures which consist of square arrays of thin, dangling tubes through which observers can walk. It has been said of Soto's art that it is inseparable from the viewer; it can only stand completed in the illusion perceived by the mind as a result of observing the piece.

Durban-Segnini Gallery was founded in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1970 and in Miami, USA in 1992, by its present director and owner Mr. Cesar Segnini.

Durban-Segnini Gallery specializes in contemporary painting and sculpture, emphasizing in artists who have worked with abstract expressionism, geometric abstraction and kinetic art.Simultaneously, the Gallery strives to promote and diffuse new artistic values as well as the historical vanguards that have influenced those.



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EMAILGrand Opening Reception Saturday
October 9, 2010
SammerHamed Ouattara, The initiated, 2009, Scrylic on Canvas,
90 x 100 cm
October 9
Red She Says
French and African Artists / Group ShowAnne Goujaud. Julien Garcia. Hamed Ouattara. Annick Cuadrado. Paintings, Sculptures, Photography Primitive art will speak in the name of unknown artists and will represent an "immaterial" culture.

171 NW 23rd Street
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Opening Reception Saturday
September 11, 7 – 10

SammerMaxine Spector, Adam Without Eve, Oil on Paper, 91 x 51.5 in.
Until October 2
“Con–Figurations”. Maxine Spector, Sara Rytteke, and Rossella Ramanzini.
Painting & PhotographySpector, Rytteke, and Ramanzini each use the figure as central to their work with decidedly different motives.  These three artists present us with a view of current concerns.  “Con-Figurations”exhibits three personal explorations using the human figure as central to the artist’s practice.  They treat the political, the spiritual, or the social in original and compelling ways.

The photographic work of Rytteke offers a unique handling of cultural attitudes towards body image, and includes an interactive installation in the gallery project room.  Ramanziniexhibits finely executed geometrics that make us reflect on societal need/want of all things ordered, elegant and stylized.  The works can be musical and poetic, as well as commentary, with an eye on patterns, consumerism, and branding.  Spector’slarge oil on paper pieces contain rich painterly figures placed center stage.  These works interpret and capture the sarcasm, humor and warmth she finds in the world around her.


123 NW . 23 St
Miami, Fl 33127
WEBGallery Hours:
Tue. - Fri 11 - 3, by appt.

Opening Reception Saturday
September 11, 7 – 9

KabeMagdalena Correa, Untitled (from the NIVEO Series), 2010, Print on paper, 59 x 78 in.

JOURNEY: Magdalena Correa and Hiraki SawaA thematic exhibition featuring works by chilean photographer Magdalena Correa and japanese video artist Hiraki Sawa.  JOURNEY, an exhibition curated by Emilio Navarro, presents a group of works that refers to internal and external journeys, one trough video exploring the intimate and personal world and one through photography discovering the world that surround us.

Accustomed to living between cultures, Japanese born and UK based video artist Hiraki Sawa (b.1977) embraces the movement of people and the mutable notion of home as central themes in his work.   .

The images captured by Chilean born and Spain based artist Magdalena Correa (b.1968), during her journey to the Antarctica, have a common denominator that is present in all of them: the snow.   Giving continuity to her past projects, Correa explores another isolated territory, geographically far from us, where the extreme and harsh weather conditions determine the development of the region and the way its inhabitants interact with nature.


2417 N. Miami Ave
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Sat by appt. only

Gallery Walk Reception Saturday
September 11, 7 – 10

ideoboxJorge Cabieses,
Untitled, 56 x 88 x 2 in
Until September 30
Jorge Cabieses, Pepe López and Andrés Monteagudo. Group Show

2043 N Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33127
305 576 1804
Gallery hours:
Tues– Fri 10- 5
Sat 10 - 3Gallery Night Reception Saturday June 12, 7 - 10

Diana Lowenstein
Alejandra padilla, Reformas

Alejandra Padilla. Reformas Charles Clary. Fermatic Pandemic. Project RoomAbout Padilla: “… There is much to celebrate in such a relationship, the gaze must follow erratic movements, causing perception to create the drawing.  One sees something seemingly specific, and then realizes that this is not the case, that is not what it was and moreover is nothing at all or many things, there are abstract elements, but they come from images that are not, or the abstraction creates recognizable images.  Appearance is one aspect, and it relates to a whole that simultaneously combines multiplicities.  There is accumulation as well as alteration.  The territory that establishes itself is deceiving.  The unique technique makes the art recognizable, both individually, and as a body of work..." Patricia Rizzo

In Clary’s words: “I use paper to create a world of fiction that challenges the viewer to suspend disbelief and venture into my fabricated reality. By layering paper I am able to build intriguing land formations that mimic viral colonies and concentric sound waves. These strange landmasses contaminate and infect the surfaces they inhabit transforming the space into something suitable for their gestation. Towers of paper and color jut into the viewer’s space inviting playful interactions between the viewer and this conceived world. These constructions question the notion of viral outbreaks, transforming it into something more playful and inviting.”


Nina Torres
2033 NW 1st Place
Miami, Fl 33127
305 395 3599

Gallery hours:
Mon - Sat 11- 6

Opening Reception Saturday
September 11, 7 – 10

ideoboxRafael López Ramos
Rafael López Ramos. Mirroring NatureLópez-Ramos show will address the idea of nature’s conquest with the symbolical power of objects, constructed by man and indented to replace the countryside with the city, and nature with new cultural structures.

Rafael López-Ramos is a visual artist and critic. Born in 1962 in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. Graduated with a major in painting and drawing at the Academia San Alejandro, Havana, 1985 with 4 years of Master studies at the Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, 1987-1991.

His work was selected to be exhibited in 2009 at Contemporary Cuban Art in New York (CANY). López-Ramos between 1997 and 2006 resided in Canada whose citizenship adopted. He currently lives and works in Miami, regularly collaborates with Art Nexus and Art Pulse magazines and the curatorial team of Miami Dade College Art Gallery System.