New Year New Form.

2017 offers exhibitions that rethink philosophies of form and color rooted in Abstraction and Minimalism. In It Has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon at PAMMUlla van Brandenburg combines traditional modes of theater production, primary colors, space and architecture to question how we relate to perceived social norms. A room installation and video move the audience through an immersive cave of visual experience. Twelve works by Belarusian-American artist Nikolai Kasak (1917–1994), on view at Sammer Gallery, expand on the artist’s exploration of “Physical Art,” a theory he formulated in 1947 to explore ideas of physicality, as it relates to form, color, space, and architecture. Rooted in Abstraction, Kasak also used geometry to explore relationships between the physical and the conceptual. Inspired by American Minimalism and the work of Auguste Rodin, Dominique Labauvie’s steel sculptures, paintings and drawings on view at Mindy Solomon Gallery use line as the primary guide to explore form, perception, and interaction, resulting in minimal yet organically descriptive forms. If you missed Edge Collection Presents…during Art Basel Miami week, good news—it has been extended through January. The exhibition showcases local and international artists and designers who worked with boutique manufacturers Edge Collections to create shimmering abstract wallpapers inspired by an original artwork also on view. The exhibition and the waterfront location provides a tantalizing start to a new year.