Florida’s Schools Dream

Dormiveglia, meaning the state of being half asleep, is Francesco Clemente’s ode to dream-like states, and is also the title to his monumental painting installation at the Nova Scotia University Museum in Fort Lauderdale. Created in 1998, these pale, watery paintings range from large to medium to three intimate “cabinets of curiosity,” that collectively touch on the surreal. Exploring dreams metaphorically, Florida Atlantic University gallery’s Florida Dreaming exhibition delves in to the idealisms and realities of life in the sunshine state. The work, made by predominantly Miami-based artists, is inherently sociopolitical commenting on themes of race, industry, environment, and more. The University of Miami’s Department of Art and Art History faculty, Darby Bannard, Kyle Trowbridge, Billie Lynn and Tomas Lopez, share their creative practice at UM’s satellite space n Wynwood. Showing all new work, these teachers hope to inspire their art students to follow their dreams. The Wolfsonian museum-FIU showcases 50 years of innovation in Modern Dutch Design spanning 1890 -1940. A time of great sociopolitical change, the exhibition explores how Dutch designers, architects and artists dreamed big by drawing on international styles to promote travel and exchange. Miami is dreamy this November.