Return to the Source this Summer

On view at PAMM, the filmic work of Beatriz Santiago Muñoz layers real and staged footage describing life in post-colonial Caribbean. Munoz’s constructed narratives appropriate a documentary approach that confuses reality and fiction. Using similar narrative bricolage artist Daniel Domig has created a site-responsive wood installation to accompany a series of paintings that conflate personal, visual and literary references. On view at Diana Lowenstein gallery these paintings visually suggest the human form. The body is a central theme in Laura Lima’s exhibition, which is curated by Alex Gartenfeld and on view at ICA Miami. Lima places people in odd performative relationships with objects suggesting alternative situational and juxtapositional readings. Speaking of reading, Dina Mitrani gallery pays tribute to the book in a photographic group exhibition that explores the book as a visual object and educative symbol, as well as text. Also returning to the source this summer, Versace Versace Versace’s “Primitive Hut” exhibition includes work by 7 designers who have created objects that take inspiration from the materials from which they are made.