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Art Circuits Map & Guide, Publications (printed, digital, app):
Founded in 2003, Art Circuits Guide is everything you need to know about the arts in Greater Miami online, on real time. Free to subscribers, who may choose to receive newsletters, announcements, and invitations directly to their email addresses. Art Circuits is an independent provider of art-related information in Greater Miami and Beyond obtained from its community of members.
Environmentally friendly, Art Circuits prints just two issues per year as a reference for national and international visitors: the Directory each Winter (February) and Miami Art Season each Autumn (November). Art Circuits hard copies can be picked up at art galleries, private collections open to the public, museums and at the most prestigious hotels in Greater Miami, also at selected art fairs as Art Miami, Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Basel, Switzerland, and Pinta Miami. Art Circuits is a continuous work in progress, if you have a good idea,  share it with us in facebook, instagram or twitter, we want to hear it!

Public Relations Consultancy:
Art Circuits Consultancy is a service of strategic consulting, planning and implementation of public relations actions to define and promote the mission and good reputation of an institution in the world of the arts and culture.  With more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications, our responsibility as consultants stems from the understanding of the cultural world where the project will take place and the implementation of the best practices to obtain the objectives and satisfy the requirements of each client.

Art Circuits Consultancy works exclusively within the art and culture sphere under the direction of Liana Pérez, journalist and editor, in partnership with Astrid Cohen.  Both are experts in corporate communications and strategic planning.

Contact Us:

Liana Pérez
Publisher & Public Relations Consultant:
e: liana@artcircuits.com
c:+ 1 786 262 1112

Astrid Cohen
Reserarch & Planning
e: cohenastrid312@gmail.com
c:+1 786 337 5878

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Mailing Address:
1172 S. Dixie Hwy. # 541
Coral Gables, Fl. 33146


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