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Art Circuits, Miami Art Week, and every day in the arts in Metropolitan Miami:

Art Circuits is the local printed and digital art guide that shows all art places in one place. All the art you are searching for in South Florida: Miami Art Week, Miami Art Fairs, museums, art galleries, private collections, artist residencies and studios, and much more.

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Every year we print Art Circuits Miami Art Season's annual edition. It is also digital, adding QR and videos to the texts.  The guide is distributed in museums, art galleries, and at art basel miami beach in the Miami/GMCVB desk.  

Since 2003, we have been printing this Miami Art Season Guide each Autumn (November)  as a reference for national and international cultural tourists. All issues of Art Circuits Guide are part of the library collection dedicated to documenting, collecting, and preserving Miami‑Dade County’s art history from 1945 to the present: the Vasari Project in the Main Library of the Miami Dade Public Library. Visit their website (https://mdpls.org/vasari) to find out how to visit the archive for research purposes.

Art Circuits' Founder and Publisher Emerita is Liana Pérez. Born in Cuba, grounded in Venezuela, and an American citizen. When In 2003 Liana moved to Miami, she pivoted toward the love of her life: ART, and founded Art Circuits. In 2021, she retired and since then Miguel Manrique has been Art Circuits Publisher and Editor in Chief. Manrique, born in Venezuela and an American citizen, has been Art Circuits’ Creative Director since its foundation. The 2023 Printed Guide is his first publishing statement.

Art Circuits is a continuous work in progress. We want to hear from you! Share good ideas with us on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or X. We are very active there!

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