Private Collections

The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse

October 23, 2018 – April 27, 2019:
New Exhibitions:
Gilles Barbier, Peter Buggenhout, Cate Giordano, Imi Knoebel, Ibrahim Mahama,
Olaf Metzel, Paola Pivi, Kishio Suga
Photography Gallery:
Walker Evans, Helen Levitt, Stephen Shore and German Photography from the 1930s
Lighting and Video:
Leandro Erlich, Yuichi Higashionna, Amar Kanwar, Barry McGee, Iván Navarro,
Tony Oursler, Jennifer Steinkamp, and Keisuke Takahashi
Permanent Exhibitions:
Chamberlain, de Kooning, Eliasson, Judd, Kiefer, LeWitt, Neto, Noguchi, Segal,
Tony Smith and Franz West

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