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Art Circuits is a community of members founded in 2003. Museums, art galleries, art schools, art studios and Performing Arts institutions join Art Circuits to team up together in the promotion of their programs through monthly newsletters, the mobile application, printed listings in two printed guides per year, and dots in maps (digital and printed).

10 monthly newsletters -June is also called Summer Edition including July and August info.- with dates, images and a short (40 words) Read More.

Mobile application

Social Media Promotion

Listings -just text- in the 2 printed guides.

Dedicated Space inside our website.

One-day-only cultural events to be promoted in our homepage Calendar.

10% discount in the price of all our other products such as advertising and announcements/e-blasts.

We have around 15,000 subscribers online.

Membership costs $680 per year.

About the Printed Guides:
We print twice a year, the Gold Resource Book each November and the Annual Directory every February. Art Circuits is the accurate Insider’s Guide, consulted by locals. We print 25,000 copies.

In Miami we distribute directly the guide to 130 art galleries, 15 museums and Private Collections Open To The Public, and 100 hotels (updating the list each year according to Art Basel recommendations for their VIPs). In each opportunity we send an e-blast to our subscribers the information about where to pick the printed issues. We also distribute the guide in selected art fairs such as the 3 art basel shows (Miami Beach, Hong Kong and Basel), Art Miami, Art Wynwood, and Pinta Miami.

Should you like to become a member, send us an email with your institution or firm presentation and, if approved by the Board of Advisors, we will send you an invitation.

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