Elisa Turner has been called “Miami’s art critic.” Probably a lot of other things too, but we won’t go there. She was an art critic for The Miami Herald when it was still owned by Knight Ridder, which no longer exists. Now that her Herald byline no longer exists either, this award-winning journalist is for sure not shutting up. She is the Miami correspondent for the award-winning ARTnews magazine based in New York and the Artcentric columnist for Art Circuits, Miami’s excellent print and online guide to the visual arts. Check it out at www.artcircuits.com Her favorite artists? WAY TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION! International assignments for the Knight Ridder Miami Herald? Havana, Venice, Basel (Switzerland, of course), and Haiti. Favorite cocktail? White chocolate martini. Gourmet dish she would love to see on a menu? Chicken Alaska. Personal details? Over 30 years ago she married her college sweetheart, who is half-Cuban and Miami-born. Together they raised two wonderful young adults. She is proud to teach subject-verb agreement , and other essentials to writing well, at Miami Dade College, because we all need to know how to make our subjects and verbs agree!


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