September salutes visual arts in Miami. Don't miss excellent tributes at MDC Museum of Art + Design to Miami's influential artists who've long cultivated visual culture here, with trio of solo shows for Robert Huff, Robert Thiele, and Karen Rifas. Their individual shows celebrate distinctive formal connections to painting, sculpture, architecture and design. Spanish legends in art history Salvador Dalí and Francisco Goya reunite in experimental, duly surreal pairing at Centro Cultural Español in exhibit of prints, "Caprichos de Dalí-Goya." Architectural, geometric shapes, with striking materials like stainless steel and gold leaf, should captivate in "Borderline" by Luis Romero at Alejandra von Hartz Gallery. Art Nouveau Gallery features Joao Carlos Galvao with recent small and medium format assemblages of Brazilian hardwood, playing with rhythmic, architectural forms emblematic of Brazil's rich constructivist tradition.

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